About Us

Advanced Barrier Technology Pty Ltd (ABT), in collaboration with Barrier Lubrication Technology Pte Ltd (BLT), began in mid-2021 amidst a global pandemic. In spite of rising cost of living and climate change becoming a real concern, there’s still a shortage of products in the renewables space. Now is the best time to introduce the technology Boron-CLS-Bond®, developed by the USA Department of Energy at Argonne National Laboratories, Tribology Division, as part of the NASA space programme, into the Australian and New Zealand sector.

ABT’s philosophy is to give the best customer service to all clients, offering remarkable technology through its suites of product; MotorSilk® and LubriSilk® available in the market. We back our product to the end and know that every customer will be satisfied with the results and our dedication.


We look forward to working with you and building strong relationships for today and the future

ABT Team