The products created for non-engine lubrication applications are marketed under the name LubriSilk®.

The range of LubriSilk® products includes:

  • LubriSilk® Spray Lubricant (LSSP)
  • LubriSilk® Grease #2 (LS18F)
  • LubriSilk® Grease #3 – Marine (LM18F)
  • LubriSilk® Chain Lubricant (LSCL)
  • LubriSilk® Heating Fluid Lubricant (LSHFL)
  • LubriSilk® Firearm Cleaner, Lubricant and Metal Sealer (FCLMS)
  • LubriSilk® Hydraulic Fluid (LSHF)
  • LubriSilk® Paint On Lubricant (LSPOL)
  • LubriSilk® Turbine Fluid (LSTF)
LSSP Spray Lubricant

LubriSilk® LSSP Spray Lubricant

LubriSilk® Spray Lubricant (LSSP) displaces existing rust, seals and protects the surface against new rust, provides a long-lasting, low friction surface impervious to most contaminants, highly adhesive, waterproof, non-staining and biodegradable.
LM18F Grease

LubriSilk® LS18F / LM18F Grease #2 #3

LubriSilk® Grease #2 #3(LS/LM18F) is a general application grease, tested to withstand extreme pressures exceeding a Timken OK Load of 90, biodegradable, waterproof, non-corrosive, non-melting, contains Boron-CLS-Bond® derivative EP agents, and is HOCNF certified as not harmful to aquatic life
LSCL Chain

LubriSilk® LSCL Chain Lubricant

LubriSilk® Chain Lubricant (LSCL) inhibits rust and oxidation, reduces metal wear and corrosion, reduces friction causing less stress on drives and sprockets, protects the most vulnerable areas of chain – plate, roller, hook, biodegradable and exhibits very low toxicity for worry free operations
FCLMS Firearm

LubriSilk® FCLMS Firearm

LubriSilk® Firearm Cleaner Lubricant and Metal Sealer (FCLMS) compatible with all modern firearm actions and will greatly improve the smooth cycling of firearms, whether manual or semi-auto. Will reduce FTC’s, FTF’s & FTE’s, raise muzzle velocity by around 15%, and reduce friction by 90%, meaning much less heat buildup in Military Standard high cyclic rate weapons
LSHF Hydraulic Fluid

LubriSilk® LSHF Hydraulic Fluid

LubriSilk® Hydraulic Fluid (LSHF) provides maximum lubricity, wear reduction, and corrosion protection and is ideal for extreme pressure and high temperature applications, will reduce the friction and wear in the hydraulic fluid pump, hydraulic motors, rams, bearings and all metal surfaces in contact with the hydraulic fluid
LSPOL Paint On Lubricant

LubriSilk® LSPOL Paint On Lubricant

LubriSilk® Paint On Lubricant (LSPOL) can be applied to all types of marine vessel hulls, anchor chains and other marine applications where paint on anti-fouling is required, and is also applicable for vehicle and machine chassis that suffer from excessive corrosion through extreme weather conditions

LubriSilk® LSHFL Heating Fluid

LubriSilk® Heating Fluid Lubricant provides maximum corrosion protection and to minimize hard water scale deposit in the cooling system. It protects engines from corrosion, overheating and frost damage. It gives a high degree of corrosion protection to engine components such as radiators, cylinders blocks/heads, water pumps and heat exchangers to avoid deposits.
LSTF Turbine Fluid

LubriSilk® LSTF Turbine Fluid

LubriSilk® Turbine Fluid (LSTF) is an ash less, multifunctional turbine fluid suitable for most applications, is ideal for extreme pressure and high temperature applications, will reduce friction and wear, and suitable where biodegradability, and performance are required.